About Jamie

Blame it on Jamie was a reality tv film title idea from a film maker friend of mine. An idea that came about shortly after moving to NY when my business was doing well, a community of friends hung out all the time and I just happened to take on that community mayor role.

Even though I've had some crazy years and some not so good choices made, I don't really regret anything.  So essentially the new and improved "Blame it on Jamie"  is about exploring, surrendering, learning, being of service, teaching, sharing, loving and most of all creating better than I ever have before.  The name stuck, it meant something personal to me.

Why did I start the Blame it on Jamie website?

Something in me healed, not completely but the beginnings of it. I am now becoming an artist that can create, I don't feel the need to live in that 'Shadow Artist' role I became so comfortable in for so many years.  I like the person looking back at me when I look in the mirror, and I love sharing an image that might have a powerful message.   All I want to do is share my journey the best way I know how.  I want to inspire faith and hope through my images because thats what I feel when I take them.  So here's my life portfolio starting when I finally "Stripped Down and Woke Up"

Hope you enjoy,

Mucho Love,