Your Bright Shining Future is in Your Hands

I wasn't expecting my simple purchase of sale lights to have such an impact on me today, but it has.  As I prepare myself for this weeks amazing blessings I found myself oddly calm and patient.  Trust me this isn't a trait I have when it comes major changes in my life, I want everything resolved and done yesterday.  All of a sudden my needs can no longer wait and all that planning I've done goes right out the window.  But not this time, this weekend stayed the same.  I kept my regular commitments, I found myself chatting with family for a few hours not realizing I hadn't checked my phone or even had it near me the entire time (there is hope for me) 😊.

So lets review this week starting on the 13th, the day I wrote my last blog which I titled "13th holds my miracles".  So, I really do believe the 13th shows me the miracle I need in my life, and sometimes it takes me a few days to see it but it's always revealed.  Maybe, I have convinced myself I need a miracle on that day and I manifest it, either way it's good and I'll take it, It's much better than the alternative. So this past 13th I received that decision in the mail I had been waiting for almost 2 years now, and it was marked "unfavorable" and 'I just sat with that for a moment'.

The next morning I woke up and realized it didn't work out the way I wanted it to, then 'I sat with that for a moment'  when I finally verbalized my opinion I was really just blaming others for their lack of thoroughness and fight 'then I sat with that for a moment'.  My point is If I believe my miracles happen on the 13th and that everything is God's Will for me then I have to see this as my miracle or blessing.  If I really think about it I prayed for this decision back in March, because a favorable decision would have placed me back in that BOX i just freed myself from.

By Saturday I hadn't even realized it but I completely let go of the decision I received and was now planning for the official start of my project, the one I have been working on for over a year.  I had a meeting this beautiful and hot Monday morning with a friend/mentor/owner of the company I will most likely be working with on this project, and as always I'm left with a sense of excitement and trust that my idea is placed in capable hands.  I now realize I was the destructive factor in the past that prevented me from succeeding and I'm grateful for my lessons.

After my meeting I hung around the area and had a cup of coffee with my friend Rosa, surrounded by the crew that was filming the series "Power" but I couldn't stay, I had commitments I made to myself.  As I was walking out I couldn't help but smile, close my eyes and say thank you, because if I was the old me all my plans would have changed and I would have stayed and drank the night away trying to meet all the celebrities.

I was focused, I knew exactly what I had to do to follow my dream.  So lets go back to what was going through my head at that moment I held those lights in my hands.  I felt almost hypnotized and filled with power, capability, not sure how to explain but I saw each individual light as it's own dream or goal of mine.  I visualized that they were no longer a wish but achieved and successful dreams and goals and I was holding them, they were already mine. 

Then I realized my only failure would be to think that wasn't true.  The fear of failure disappeared.

'Then I sat with that for a moment".

See being still and alone with myself to reflect or work on my dream removed my fear of what others thought, I began to love who I was and what I was creating. 

This is what I learn and practice everyday:

  • To not be reactive
  • if something happens "Sit with it for a moment"
  • If you have a dream, invest in yourself
  • You're bright shining future is in your hands
  • You have to make the change before change can happen
  • Make and keep the commitments you make to yourself, those are the most important ones because we can't lie to ourselves.

The next day this following video appeared on my timeline. SO DREAM AND DREAM AS BIG AS YOU WANT, THEN GO FOR IT! (oh and watch this video)

And the streets wherever you may live have all the signs you need if you keep your eyes open.  HEARTS AND BLESSING ARE EVERYWHERE.

Love & Serenity,  Jamie