I sat down to start this weeks blog on gratitude and meditation then my song came on and I smiled and started dancing, I might have had a tear or two because a good friend dedicated this song to me right when I needed it. Thank you Mr. Berdugo.  I listened to that song for the first time earlier this year and It was that moment when I realized i did feel ALIVE AGAIN...I could feel my heart beating, ready to turn my magic on and I saw myself as a diamond in the making.


The switch had been flipped, I was now on to the next chapter.  I guess you could call it "Believing in myself",  I had this song on repeat blasting in my ear everyday and I DANCED!!!!  I danced in the street, I danced when I woke up, I danced in the shower, and you may not believe me but I really did.  I started feeling the words in the song as if they were my own, I started saying them out loud to myself so they would arrest any negative thought patterns i had, "I feel my heart beating" , "We are diamonds taking shape" "Turn your magic on" "Everything you want's a dream away"  and for 4:23 secs I didn't have one negative thought in my head, no fear and no worries. Even saying these lines out loud right now bring tears to my eyes because I've come so far.  I had a flooding of Hope and Love and it was like the yellow brick road appeared and I saw this clear path to my future.  That future started with me finally believing in myself. 

But that wasn't enough for me I needed to share it.  I couldn't keep all my happiness and dance moves to myself, I wanted to show everyone especially Mr. Berdugo my gratitude for what he did for me.  Today I now know i'm going to be ok and I'm ready to soar.  I wanted to share my journey because whether you know it or not you are a part of it, so many of you have impacted my life somehow.

Now this is when the idea of my video came about.  I didn't realize it but from the first day I arrived in Australia I started video taping myself dancing or doing something interesting or weird and then after I heard this song I continued this video dance blog.  it was sometimes embarrassing standing at a tram stop dancing to music only I could hear while people stared and smiled, but I did it anyway.  As I was getting closer to making this video I realized my grandmothers birthday was approaching, last time she saw me I was depressed daily and had given up.  I couldn't send her a gift, so I gave her the only thing I could, my video to tell her she didn't have to worry anymore. 

Listen, I'm on a journey and music helps, and sometimes something just clicks and I needed that one friend to reach out and tell me how he saw me through a song.  I'm reminded daily of how blessed I am because I get these kind words often and even more now. And one thing i've heard so many times from different people is "We're just waiting for you Jamie, we know you've got it", people have believed in me for so long and I just want to say it finally caught on.  I know it now and I thank you.


So I'm asking all of you to Stop, listen and dance to this song even if you know it, and know everything you want is just a dream away and you are a precious diamond taking shape.  I really want to just have a video of all my friends from all over the world dancing and smiling, so if you don't mind being a part of this project and if you're not video shy, take a 4-6 sec video of you dancing alone, or with your family and don't forget to just be happy at that moment and smile, then send that clip to me at Subject line: Stop and Dance so I can make  a new happy video of all my happy dancing friends.  I know this may not work but lets give it a shot.  Submission deadline will be Wednesday August, 17th 2016 USA.   

Below is my YouTube video if you need an example or want to listen to the song.

Much Love,  Jamie