I got a right to talk sh*t...about 10 things

Sometimes all the meditation and self work just needs to get thrown out the window for a moment and we just need to vent and talk sh*t.  So here I go, over the last few weeks I’ve had a few encounters with some unfriendly people, a stalker/wacko and just your typical ‘it’s normal not to keep a commitment’ kinda folks.  So the theme song for this weeks blog is Abir’s ‘Girls’ https://youtu.be/j0hc74CgXVE but i guess we could also add Carly Simon’s ‘You’re so vain’ for everyone who already thinks this may be about them.  The fact is we all talk shit at some point to someone and we have every right to, they may have done something to you or said something about you and you’re pissed about it.  So you find the one person that will agree with you no matter what, they will have your back even if your wrong, you just need to let it out. (ps - I would rather be told when I’m wrong, but you get my point)


Here are just a few things that are annoyingly lingering in my head this week:

1- I don’t like liars, or should i say habitual liars.  If you have to lie about me to look good to others than go for it, have a blast, go ahead and let me occupy space in your head if that makes you happy.  I will not, let me repeat WILL NOT defend myself against your lies VERBALLY, being myself and showing my character has already proven you wrong.

2- I don’t always want to be happy and cheery and let it go when a biker thinks they don’t have to follow the same traffic laws as cars, YO! if I have the right of way I shouldn’t have to look to see if there is oncoming bikers when I’m halfway across the street.  Im ready to whack someone with my bag!!!

3- I believe that everyone has the right to their beliefs, but I have to say over the last 2 weeks working in a church I have had more encounters with non believers who gave me the evil eye for having faith and a few believers that insisted that there belief was more respectful to God than mine.  I had to just walk away….Quickly, like almost running before something sarcastic came out of my mouth.

4- To that one Express Bus Driver that is giving a bad name to all the others, I don’t know if you don’t like me or you don’t like gay people but I’ve said ‘thank you have a good day’  to you twice now and you say nothing and turned away, maybe it’s just a bad week for me but ‘get your shit together’ work on your Express Bus etiquette PLEASE.  

5- I have had my fair share of letting people down especially with clients and jobs I had to complete for a deadline so I won’t talk too much shit about this, but if there is anything that I’m working on the hardest it’s trying not to over work myself and keeping my commitments.  So if people haven’t shown up for me the last 2 weeks after saying they would I will take that as karma and will work on my boundaries more.

6- Friendships are hard for me, but what I hate the most is the holier than thou attitude.  What I offer you I expect in return, equals.  Now I’m working hard on learning how to develop friendships again and the most important lesson so far has been, not everyone can be my friend.  And thats OK.

7- People that never ever pick up there phone…wtf….really….years and years…why have a phone…enough said, moving on

8- Social media friends, yes everyone knows I’m a big supporter of all my friends striving for something bigger and better, If you have your own business or create things, on tv, have an upcoming concert then I’m promoting you.  I’m sharing your posts, I always have you in my memory networking bank when I’m out and about.  I believe that we are closer to success when we support each other and ‘SHIT, it just feels good when you know your supported’  So I promise when I make it big and hire my social media employee who’s pretending to be me on social media, that they continue to like , share and support you all.  REALLY! just kidding.

9- So all the other social media friends,  I was PRIVATE on IG and FB and only allowed people who actually posted shit about themselves, you know to let us know a little bit about yourself, so I have now carefully selected my friends list with a few that are just there out of respect, fear or entertainment.  But hey, guess what if I deleted you, I’m now public for the entire world to see and share with each other on the BLAME IT ON JAMIE website, instagram, Facebook accounts.  

The rest of my list (the good ‘BAD’ stuff) is going in my journal and will be discussed with a good and trusted friend in a healthy way.

10- Now I’d like to talk shit about shit talking, this is downright draining.  It has drawn all of the energy right out of my soul.  I never liked it, I don’t like to spend too much time on it and if I ever do it often in the future - you know SOMETHING IS WRONG and I need HELP!  I don’t get people who can do this all the time, it’s exhausting.  We have 70,000 thoughts a day 98% of them the same as the day before and a good portion of them negative words like, I can't, I hate, I won't…and it's DRAINING THE LIFE RIGHT OUT OF YOU, now this is the only way I can explain why I try to have a positive outlook on everything I do every single moment of my day as much as I can…Practice Practice Practice. 

Positive Affirmations work

So I need to end this on a positive note, here are a few this that have made me smile this week:

My church loves what I’m doing

My nephew drew a picture of me in school “Titi with a mohawk” 

I’m officially having a showing of my work ‘Date to be announced ? soon’

I found Yolanda or should I say she found me over a year ago but I was too out of it to notice the message request until today - did I mention I have been searching for her for the last 9 years.

I was able to get myself out of the house to enjoy my friend Katie Reimer's cd release concert today and it was beautiful.

I laughed my ass off with my sister, mom, grandmother and nephew today and it slightly relieved this massive headache i have had all day.

Peace & Serenity,